Thursday, May 13, 2010

We've been BUSY!!!

Here goes....Since the last post, Linkin started eating food. He turned 5,6,7,8,and will be 9 months in a couple days! He also has 2 cute teeth.

And Levi FINALLY lost his first tooth.(and the dang tooth fairy forgot but made up for it with the money he got)

Easter morning was great not having to get dressed to go anywhere because of General Conference. We had biscuits and gravy and the Easter Bunny even made it to our house.

The first Friday in April we planned a SUPRISE party for Levi at the bowling ally. It was alot of fun and he was SO suprised! I planned 1 for Malarie when she turned 7 too and decided to just make it a tradition. So now my first born son is 7!!!

In March for Spring break, we headed to the valley. We got some swimming in at the hotels heated pool. Got to visit great grandma and grandpa Sherwood. Went to the zoo and did some shopping. All in great weather that didn't include snow. Oh ya and Dusty broke his hand in March and had it casted for 10 weeks.

Wrestling, wrestling, and more wrestling! Levi has had a good season and improved so much.

Malarie has been busy dancing. She has performed in a few talent shows and recitals and has been to 2 different competitions.

If you look REAL close in these dark pictures, one is of Logan and one is of Levi at swimming lessons.

Then just last week my little Logan Danner turned 3 and we had a fun and windy Buzz party at the park.

Levi just had his end of the year school program. If I can brag just a little, which I can, it's a blog.... He is so much like his mother. You get him in front of people and he LOVES to perform. He was the star of his show. He out danced and out sang everyone. He even has some acting skills! He did so good being "Billy Bob"

In February Dusty and I decided to have a contest to see who could look better for our 10 years coming up in August. All I can say is I am a lucky girl!!! He has put on 16 pounds of lean muscle. Whoo hoo. The only bummer is that we didn't take before and after pictures. Not that I would have blogged them, but both of us wish we would have to compare.

So there it is in a nutshell, our last 5 1/2 months!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is anybody getting tired of looking and seeing that i still haven't updated????

Just gonna see if EVERYONE has lost hope with me blogging. I sure have!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Are you ready for ALL THIS?

Well I've decided blogging is alot like working out. It is so hard to get motivated when you have missed for a while. But once you get started again you LOVE it and its addicting. And I always start my workouts full force. So here goes......... ONE, BIG, FAT, BLOG.

Dust started off the year getting this sweet bobcat. He and my dad, Daniel, Daniel's dad, Barton and Phil went to do rabbit roundup and call coyotes. They came back with a badger, fox, a bobcat, and a bunch of rabbits. I know he thought that was aperfect way to start off 2010.

New Years Eve we went to an UGLY Christmas sweater party. SO FUN!!! And man were we UGLY. See for yourself. I won for the girls. I really don't know why. He He Dusty even voted for me! Then there was a couples challenge and there was a three way tie and Dusty and I were one of the couples. So for a HUNDRED BUCKS we had to see which couple(both of us) could find a real worm only using our mouths in whip cream and eat them the fastest. Dusty and I won!!! 8.6 seconds baby. And a hundred bucks richer now I seriously can't believe I did it. I can't even touch worms with my hands.

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Every year we help someone out. But this year we didn't have the funds like we have had in the past, so we helped people out with our talents. We invited my family to come with us. Even though my mom and dad were the only ones who came, we had a great time. We put on a little program for them full of songs and Malarie also did a ballet dance to Away in a Manger. We loved talking and singing to these people on Christmas Eve. One lady even kept crying and wiping her eyes. It was so hard to keep our eyes dry. They sang along with us on some of the songs and we passed out jingle bells for them to help us on that song. Everyone loved it and it made me realize how lucky I am to have both Dusty and my family.

Here are the kids on Christmas morning waiting to come downstairs and see what they got. This picture is so Logan! He's hot and cold, yes and no, up and down.... you know the song. he he

These next pictures are gifts from Santa. We are so glad Santa made it this year! We weren't sure if he was coming. They had to wait till last to open them. I love their faces. Linkin was satisfied with his lizard to chew on. In the picture with Linkin there is a toilet paper roll with dots boxes, this is what Malarie and Levi made for Dusty and I. They are kinda like binoculars! AWESOME. I LOVE HOMEMADE GIFTS.

Here are our family Christmas pictures 2009. After Christmas morning we headed off to Joseph city to be with Dusty's family for the weekend. I don't know why I never get my camera out there!! But we had a really nice weekend with them and don't get to be all together enough!

These pictures are from Lacey's shower. She is getting ready for baby Nelly. She should be coming anyday!!! I am so excited I get 3 new nieces or nephews this year. Lacey's baby girl, Sophie is pregnant with her 1st, and Dusty's brother and wife are having their 6th. Barton came over afterwards to help us eat the rest of the food. So here is all my siblings but Nathan.

Next, Tis the season for canning! I don't know why but I always get the canning bug when its cold out! We have canned 3 deer. Lots of elk hamburger, 40 pounds of potatoes, pumpkin, and chicken. Alot of work, but I love to see it all stacked up in the storage closet!

It has looked like this alot outside lately. This our backyard.

I am going backwards (if you haven't noticed)Here we are putting up our Christmas tree. Linkin has found his thumb and fingers lately.

On the 16th of Dec. we had a wild day. Malarie had a breakfast in her classroom that I went and helped with. Then Dusty met me and the little boys for Levi's little play in his classroom. All the boys in Levi's class wanted to be Santa so she made the kids tryout. Levi got the part. When I asked him if he was excited, he said "not really, I knew I would get it" SUCH CONFIDENCE!! SO LEVI It was also "eat with your parents day" at both of their schools. Dusty and Logan ate with Levi and Link and I ate with sissy.

Here is Dust with ALL the boys he ordered from heaven! Aren't they all so handsome?

Later that day Malarie and I went to her mother-daughter acheivement day party. She had to recite some articles of faith. She now has only 3 to go to have them all memorized. Way to go sis!

Last but not least, my baby keeps growing up! Here is his 3 months picture and 4 months picture. Dear Link, please stop getting big. Love, mom