Thursday, May 13, 2010

We've been BUSY!!!

Here goes....Since the last post, Linkin started eating food. He turned 5,6,7,8,and will be 9 months in a couple days! He also has 2 cute teeth.

And Levi FINALLY lost his first tooth.(and the dang tooth fairy forgot but made up for it with the money he got)

Easter morning was great not having to get dressed to go anywhere because of General Conference. We had biscuits and gravy and the Easter Bunny even made it to our house.

The first Friday in April we planned a SUPRISE party for Levi at the bowling ally. It was alot of fun and he was SO suprised! I planned 1 for Malarie when she turned 7 too and decided to just make it a tradition. So now my first born son is 7!!!

In March for Spring break, we headed to the valley. We got some swimming in at the hotels heated pool. Got to visit great grandma and grandpa Sherwood. Went to the zoo and did some shopping. All in great weather that didn't include snow. Oh ya and Dusty broke his hand in March and had it casted for 10 weeks.

Wrestling, wrestling, and more wrestling! Levi has had a good season and improved so much.

Malarie has been busy dancing. She has performed in a few talent shows and recitals and has been to 2 different competitions.

If you look REAL close in these dark pictures, one is of Logan and one is of Levi at swimming lessons.

Then just last week my little Logan Danner turned 3 and we had a fun and windy Buzz party at the park.

Levi just had his end of the year school program. If I can brag just a little, which I can, it's a blog.... He is so much like his mother. You get him in front of people and he LOVES to perform. He was the star of his show. He out danced and out sang everyone. He even has some acting skills! He did so good being "Billy Bob"

In February Dusty and I decided to have a contest to see who could look better for our 10 years coming up in August. All I can say is I am a lucky girl!!! He has put on 16 pounds of lean muscle. Whoo hoo. The only bummer is that we didn't take before and after pictures. Not that I would have blogged them, but both of us wish we would have to compare.

So there it is in a nutshell, our last 5 1/2 months!


Amy said...

You look pretty good yourself! Cute hair! It's good to get an update from you. How are you feeling?

Sopha said...

hey this post wasnt too long! Very nice.
Love all the pics, they make me feel like i hardly miss anything.

Anonymous said...

Cute Kids
Glad to see you posted :)

Leisel said...

Just catching up!

Christi in AZ said...

YAY....thanks for the catch-up post!! It was great to see you today...we should get everyone together more often.

Brady & Jessica said...

Ya'll always take the best family pics. I'm a total slacker in that area. Just wondering if Levi got your fabulous fashion sense as well... or do the boys still let you pick out their clothes? Lucky gal either way. Love the pics with gma and gpa. We definitely need an update there. Don't think Daisy has any pics with them and ya just never know... Looking forward to the next "Catch Up!"

Bobbi Jo said...

Wow that was a great update. So glad I found your blog. Your family looks great and happy.
Keep us up to date!!!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo